Canada Government Jobs For Immigrants – Salaries and how to apply

There are more than a million job options accessible for immigrants in Canada. The Canadian government has pledged to make sure that everyone, including visitors, has access to suitable employment opportunities. You may make a good living while residing and working in Canada.

While there are numerous reasons to think about relocating to Canada. The most significant is that there are many employment options available to foreign nationals in Canada.

The top Canadian government positions for immigrants and their compensation ranges are discussed in this article.

Canada Government Jobs For Immigrants

You can work in any area or field in Canada, from the healthcare and education sectors to the manufacturing and construction sectors. If you’re seeking for work in a field where there is a labor shortage, you might possibly be eligible for permanent residency.

Even while Canada offers its workers more wages than many other nations in the globe, there are some occupations where you can make more money.

Here is our ranking of the top government employment opportunities in Canada for foreign nationals, together with information on salaries and National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Health Services Jobs

The foundation of Canada’s excellent level of living is its health services. Health care professionals were essential to the population’s survival and the nation’s economy, especially during the epidemic. Health care professionals are compensated well because they have a lot of responsibilities. Health service providers must also spend a lot of time studying.

The following jobs are open to immigrants in Canada’s health industry:

  • Vet

NOC: 3114

Annual Salary: $98,964

  • Registered Nurse

NOC: 3012

Annual Salary: $81,729

  • Pharmacist

NOC: 3131

Annual Salary: $106,558

Technology Related-Fields Jobs


A career in information technology offers a variety of jobs, reasonable pay, and several job options. To support the expanding economy, businesses are attempting to hire additional people in the IT sector.

Foreigners can find a lot of jobs in Canada because of this. Notwithstanding the pandemic having a significant negative impact on Canada’s economy, job growth in the technology sector has outpaced that of other sectors.

The following positions are available in Canada in fields linked to technology:

  • Cyber Security Analyst

NOC: 2281

Annual Salary: $108,474

  • IT Support & Network Administrators

NOC: 2172

Annual Salary: $91,271

  • Web Developer

NOC: 2175

Annual Salary: $85,000

Client Service Jobs

Services provided to clients range from administrative assistants to human resources management. In the end, it aims to satisfy those who require assistance, businesses who want to streamline their tasks, and teams who need to strategise.

In this industry, a university degree and years of expertise are necessary for high-paying positions. With these earnings, you may both live and work in Canada and take advantage of all that it has to offer.

The following jobs are available in Canada’s client services sector:

  • Human Resources Managers

NOC: 0112

Annual Salary: $153,984

  • Financial Advisors

NOC: 1114

Annual Salary: $108,137

  • Accountants

NOC: 1111

Annual Salary: $82,667

Engineering Jobs

Numerous engineering disciplines fall within this wide group. You can refer to yourself as an engineer if you have the technical ability to effectively design and construct a model or system, whether you’re dealing with software and code or airplane machinery. It is a huge duty to ensure that the design and layout of crucial components are accurate, so the job has a high salary.

These are some of the engineering occupations available to immigrants in Canada:

  • Software Engineer

NOC: 2073

Annual Salary: $135,000

  • Electrical Engineer

NOC: 2133

Annual Salary: $112,976

  • Industrial Engineer


Annual Salary: $87,966

Trade Jobs

Despite the fact that the majority of the positions on the list above demand years of experience and a university degree. However, there are certain well-paying skilled occupations that you can obtain through years of experience or even a trade school. It can benefit you and your finances to have some kind of qualification to operate or construct specific equipment.

Here is a complete list of trade jobs available to immigrants in Canada.

  • Plumber


Annual Salary: $75,542

  • Truck Driver

NOC: 7511

Annual Salary: $62,647

  • Welder

NOC: 7237

Annual Salary: $56,550



Because you are on this page, we assume that you are searching for employment in Canada, specifically as an immigrant. Thankfully, this is doable and not as challenging as you would think.

The Canadian government promotes immigration by offering job opportunities. It is now official policy to offer employment to anyone who seek to immigrate to and remain in the nation.

Currently, there are approximately 300,000 employment openings in Canada that are open to immigrants. This suggests that your chances of landing a job are good. As long as you remain focused and possess all necessary credentials and abilities, this will succeed.

In this article, we listed the highest paying immigrant jobs in Canada along with their respective income levels. This is meant to help both recent arrivals and long-term residents of Canada find employment.

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