Best MBA Scholarships In USA For International Students

USA has one of the most sort after programs by international students. The MBA program. Many USA universities offering the MBA program are featured amongst the world’s top rank institutions for extraordinary and quality education offered.

An MBA degree from any of these top ranked USA institutions can be a great booster to a student’s career.

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However, the dream of attaining An MBA degree in any of the top USA institution offering the program may seem unfeasible because of the costs to study an MBA program in the USA can be as immensely expensive as thousands of dollars.

Luckily, there are over a thousand scholarships available to international students at top USA universities that can easily fund the program without having to worry about study finances and even other expenses in most cases.

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Leveraging on these scholarships is the easiest source of financing the dream of studying an MBA program in the USA. It is advisable to apply early to as many institutions as possible who offers scholarship as there is always a huge number of applications from highly ambitious students all over the world.

Below we will be listing some of the top and most desirous universities and business schools offering MBA scholarships amongst many in the USA. These scholarships are either partly or fully funded and mostly provides an average of allowance of $2,000 monthly alongside accommodation, tuition, health insurance and even travel grant. Kindly note that scholarships are granted based on merits to academically outstanding students.

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Among the most sort after universities and business schools to with scholarship to study MBA are;

Stanford university with the Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program – Stanford Business School,

University of Minnesota fellowship; This scholarship is fully funded. It covers tuition cost, Living expenses, Travel allowance and health insurance.

Columbia Business School; This scholarship caters for tuition and other expenses throughout the applicant’s study year. For more details Click here 

Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for international students APPLY NOW!

Harvard university; The HBS MBA Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship worth about 100,000 US dollars available to international students.

Wharton School of Business

NYU Stern School of Business – William R. Berkley Scholarship is a fully funded international scholarship for international students available at the New York University (NYU). The scholarship welcomes international students from all nationals to apply.

Sloan School of Management

There several scholarships available at Sloan School of Management and they are merit-based MBA scholarships;

Master’s Fellowship This scholarship for MBA program is accessible to students from all nationals and its value ranges from 5,000 US dollars to full coverage. That is program can be fully funded by the scholarship. The fellowship is aimed at diversity of the classrooms.

McKinsey Award This award is accessible to international student of all nationals but is awarded to only four students yearly by application and interview. It is advisable to apply early since there is a limit to intakes.


Generally, to be eligible for any of these scholarships, applicant must have completed a first degree; bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Documents mostly requested to apply for these scholarships are as listed below:

English Test (IELTS, TOEFL, CELPIP etc)
Recommendation letter: A reliable and honorable referee recommending and referencing the applicant.

A concise statement of purpose or essay on why you should be chosen and granted the scholarship over other candidates.

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